Core SWX Renegade XL48 Mobile Power Station (1376Wh)

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Product Overview


  • Designed for Hybrid Cine/Lighting
  • 2 x 48 VDC powerCON Outputs
  • D-Tap/SmartTap and USB Outputs
  • 1376Wh Li-Ion Battery Charges in 5 Hours
  • OLED Display with Diagnostic Reporting
  • Internal Charger or Works with SFQ40

The Core SWX Renegade XL48 Mobile Power Station is designed to power your professional lighting needs in high-demand productions. This mobile power station features multiple outputs and voltages to suit a variety of power-hungry gear on your set, which can be monitored by a detailed status display and VoltBridge technology.

More Power at Your Disposal

The Renegade XL48 is designed to be a lighting power station, providing two 48V powerCON outputs to power any light on your set. It features internal lithium-ion cells with a 1376Wh / 93Ah capacity and up to 15A maximum load.

The D-Tap power outputs allow you to daisy-chain the Renegade XL units so you can provide even more extensive power on set.

Form Factor and Charging Options

The Renegade XL48 features the same form factor as its siblings, the Renegade and Renegade XL48, featuring the same modular structure that allows easy maintenance and its built-in handle to provide simple transport. It can be charged using its internal charger and just an IEC cable in about five hours, and it can also be used with the optional SFQ40 external charger that can charge a single XL48 in 2.5 hours or simultaneously charge two XL48 batteries in 5 hours.

OLED Status Display

The XL48 features a bright, color OLED display that shows multiple stats about the battery, including available charge, percentage, and runtime, and it provides real-time updates on current load. It also provides information about standby, connected, and charging phases for even more control over the battery.

VoltBridge Mesh, Cloud-Based Monitoring

Like other Core SWX power stations, the Renegade XL48 can be monitored and managed using the VoltBridge Mesh Enterprise platform.

You can insert a VoltBridge dongle into the SmartTap aux port on the Renegade XL48, and it will provide all the data to the VoltBridge applications for performance monitoring, safety operation, and management.

The XL48 features internal temperature protection, overvoltage protection, and overcurrent protection. The VoltBridge management system can also assist in monitoring voltage and current information, providing an additional layer of protection.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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