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Bright Tangerine Left Field 19mm Studio Quick Release Bridge Plate

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1.30 LBS


  • Intuitive three-stage release (Lock, Slide & Release)
  • Reversible inner plate for RED and ARRI compatability
  • Supports two industry standard 19mm studio rods
  • Multiple accessory mounts including ARRI Rosette,
  • 1/4"-20 and ARRI standard accessory mounts

The Left Field 19mm Studio Quick Release Bridgeplate is designed to provide optimal balance and quick release capabilities for your camera setup using an ARRI standard dovetail.

The bridgeplate is compatible with both ARRI & RED height standards, using a reversible inner plate. Converting from one mode to the other is as simple as reversing the inner plate. The Left Field 19mm Studio Quick Release Bridgeplate features a three-stage release system for fast set up times on set. When the lever is set in the most forward position, the Bridgeplate is locked and secured to the dovetail. When the lever is released to the middle position, the Bridgeplate is able to slide back and forth along the dovetail to provide optimal balance and positioning of the camera on the dovetail. 

Engaging the safety eject, the lever can be positioned to the most backward position. The Bridgeplate is now in open mode and can be lifted off the dovetail vertically without having to slide it off the whole dovetail. This provides a much quicker release method when moving from multiple rig setups. With a slotted design the Bridgeplate can accomodate a wide range of cameras. Accessories can also be mounted to the Bridgeplate using the ARRI standard Rosette, 1/4"-20 or ARRI accessory mount (3/8"-16 with Anti-Twist). Two industry standard 19mm studio rods can be inserted and secured with the two kip levers.


Rod Standard 19mm Studio Rods

590 grams

20.81 oz


155 x 110 x 37mm

6.1 x 4.33 x 1.46in