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Aerialpixels DJI Ronin Proportional Thumb Joystick __ Thumb Stick

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0.30 LBS


  • Proportional control of Pitch and Yaw
  • Simultaneous operation of both axis at the same time. (diagonal movement)
  • On-the-fly dual rate (2 speed) by button click
  • On-the-fly mode change (3 color status LED)
  • On-the-fly invert joystick direction
  • CNC Machined Aluminum Matte Black Finish
  • Single cable connection to DJI Ronin D-BUS input
  • Adjustable CNC Aluminum Clamp with Carbon Fiber Plate
  • Red LED Power Indicator
  • Plug-N-Play Operation*
  • 65CM Soft and lightweight silicone cable
  • Weight 65g
  • Metric tools for Mounting the Joystick Included (2mm and 2.5mm metric allen wrench)
  • UPC: 867311000101

On the fly dual speed joystick function Once the analog stick is centered, push twice (2 clicks) to change the joystick throw to half rate (half speed). This will reduce the Ronin response by approximately half which will help in making ultra slow movements and corrections. Push the button twice (2 clicks) again to resume full speed movement. When you power up the Ronin with the Joystick plugged in, the joystick will always start on full speed mode. The 2 click function break down

  • Power up – Full Speed
  • 2 clicks – half speed
  • 2 clicks – full speed
  • 2 clicks – half speed and so on.

Fully compatible with DJI Ronin M