VAXIS STORM 2000 HD 0-Latency Wireless Transmission Kit

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Product Overview


  • True line-of-sight range 1500ft
  • Pass through time code, flags, and metadata
  • Gold mount (V-mount plate option available)
  • Recessed connector ports for durability
  • Smart/Manual fan speed control
  • Future firmware upgrade for encryption

Storm 2000 is a brand-new design that is best for higher end productions that need a mixture of long range and compact form factor. Since all STORM series models are compatible, it also serves perfectly as a shorter range and smaller Rx option when used in conjunction with out flagship STORM 3000.


True line-of-sight range is tested at 2000+ft stable and will pass through flags, timecode, and metadata. The STORM 2000 is a real work horse that targets rental markets because of its extreme durability and longevity. It also packs in spec ready for high end filmmakers and large productions making sure that each shot it completed without any wireless hiccups.

Durable Exterior Design

The STORM 2000 is a brand-new design. The recessed ports prevent the most common damage on sets, dropping. I/O ports and switch are on the same side making the unit a lot of more accessible and provides better flexibility when rigging. 

OLED Info Readout

With the high bright OLED display, users will have access all information that are crucial to making a shoot possible. From battery voltage, video formats, channel, fan speed, transmission mode and transmission strength.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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