Vid-Atlantic Anamorphic Lens Front Filter Clamp Kit

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Vid-Atlantic's clamp kits will work with a wider variety of Anamorphic lens to SLR lens combinations than other clamp brands, making it more ideal (and affordable) for experimenting with various setups.

These clamps give your Anamorphic lenses standard filter thread diameters sizes & allow you to lock in a proper horizontal alignment! Mount & properly align a wide variety of lenses to cameras like the Canon 5D, 7D, t2i, 550D, 600D, t3i, 60D, 70D, Nikon D90, D610, D800, GH3, Black Magic Cameras, Red Cameras, Digital Bolex, etc. and 35mm adapters. 

Vid-Atlantic's Front Filter Clamps give your Anamorphic lens fronts standard sizes (77mm or 72mm) allowing you to mount filters like polarizers, Neutral Density, Fader ND, or other accessories like the Single-Focus Rangefinder from SLR Magic.

Front Filter Clamp: (77mm) For Anamorphic lenses with a FRONT-END diameter size smaller than 74mm; It will give your Anamorphic lenses a front filter diameter of 77mm for mounting standard size filters which are a must! (Pictured in photos 7, 8 & 9 above). Works directly with the 77mm SLR Magic Rangefinder allowing your dual-focus anamorphic lenses to achieve single-focus capability!



(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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