HEDEN YMER 1-Motor Lens Control Kit with LM30

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Product Overview


  • YMER-1 Transmitter and YMER 1+1 Receiver
  • LM30 Ultra-Compact, 15mm Rod-Mount Motor
  • LM30 Highly Suitable for Gimbals/Drones
  • Interchangeable Snap-On 0.8 Gear Module
  • Up to 1640' Wireless Transmission
  • Wireless Focus/Iris Control, Switchable
  • Zoom Control via Optional LANC Unit
  • Proprietary 3-Step Focus Calibration
  • Manual Focus Override
  • Adjustable Resistance and Rotation Range

The HEDEN YMER 1-Motor Lens Control Kit allows you to wirelessly control focus with the included LM30 motor and supports a second motor, sold separately, for wireless iris control. Additionally, it supports an optional LANC controller unit for wired zoom control. The included transmitter and receiver provide up to 330' of wireless transmission indoors and up to 1640' line-of-sight transmission in open areas. The receiver is capable of driving up to two motors (focus/iris), one at a time, switching between them at the press of a button. It supports the HEDEN M21VE-L, M26VE, VM35, LM30, and CM55 motors. The system provides fast, accurate responsiveness and high motor speed.

The LM30 is an ultra-compact, 15mm rod-mount lens motor designed for professional film, broadcast, and video production applications. It comes with a snap-on 0.8 gear module and supports interchangeable 0.4, 0.5, and 0.6 modules, sold separately. The gear module can be attached to either side of the gear housing. Powered via a LEMO 7-pin 0B connector, the LM30 also uses slim and lightweight cables, not included. It's an ideal choice for lens control on stabilizers and drones. It's developed in collaboration with Shotover, based on their G1 motor. It mounts in a vertical position on the side of the lens.

A key feature of the YMER system is HEDEN's LenSaver Calibration, which provides a simple and effective way of calibrating for follow focus control. Press the "calibration" button, move your lens by hand from end-stop to end-stop, and then press the "calibration" button again as the last step. This is done without risk of damaging delicate lenses or lenses without end-stops. Another key feature is Manual Override, which lets you take manual control of the lens without affecting calibration. This feature allows the DP or camera operator to take manual control of the lens from the focus puller.

The YMER 1 transmitter's comfortable control knob offers very smooth rotation and features adjustable resistance for varying needs. Limit points can be set for easier focus adjustments, and the rotation range can be increased for finer control. Mounting threads on the rear allow attaching other devices, and an onboard button also allows you to remotely trigger recording. The transmitter is powered by a Sony NP-FM500H compatible battery, sold separately.

The YMER 1+1 receiver offers one wireless channel for focus and iris control, and one wired channel for an optional HEDEN LANC controller for zoom control.

Key Features
  • YMER-1 transmitter and YMER 1+1 receiver
  • LM30 ultra-compact, 15mm rod-mount motor with interchangeable snap-on 0.8 gear module that can be attached to either side; 0.6 Nm torque
  • Up to 1640' wireless transmission
  • Receiver drives up to two motors, switchable at the press of a button for focus and iris control, and supports an optional wired LANC controller unit for zoom control
  • Supports the HEDEN M21VE-L, M26VE, VM35, LM30, and CM55 motors
  • Simple, 3-step LenSaver Calibration
  • Manual override without affecting calibration
  • Adjustable control knob resistance
  • Limit points
  • Adjustable rotation range for finer control
  • Mounting threads on the rear of the transmitter for attaching accessories or other devices
  • Transmitter is powered by a Sony NP-FM500H compatible battery, sold separately
  • Record trigger


Transmission Range Up to 330' / 100 m Indoors 
Up to 1640' / 500 m Maximum Line-of-Sight
Power Source Sony NP-FM500H Compatible Battery (Not Included)
Accessory Support Two Mounting Threads on the Rear
Dimensions Length (Without Antenna): 6" / 15 cm
Length (With Antenna): 7.3" / 18.5 cm
Height (Without Control Knob): 1.5" / 3.7 cm
Height (With Control Knob): 3.2" / 8 cm
Width: 3" / 7.6 cm
Compatible Motors HEDEN M21VE-L, M26VE, VM35, LM30, CM55
Dimensions L x H x W: 4 x 1 x 2" / 10 x 2.5 x 5.4 cm (Without Antenna)
Weight 6.4 oz / 180 g
Mod 0.8
Torque 0.6 Nm
Power Connector LEMO 0B 7-Pin
Mount Type 15 mm Rod Mount (Bracket Included)
Dimensions Height: 
1.4" / 3.6 cm (Without Gear Housing) 
2.16" / 5.5 cm (With Gear Housing) 

0.83" / 2.1 cm 

4" / 10.3 cm
Weight 3.4 oz / 95 g (With Rod Mount Bracket and 0.8 Gear Module)
Motor Cable
Connector 1 LEMO 7-Pin 1B
Connector 2 LEMO 7-Pin 0B
Cable Length 24" / 60 cm
Power Cable
Connector 1 2-Pin Male
Connector 2 D-Tap Male
Length 24" / 60 cm


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