IndiPRO Tools 9.2 Volt P-Tap Converter with 28" Cable for Panasonic GH4

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Product Overview

9.2 Volt Regulated Power Converter Accepts 11 to 17 VDC Uses Dummy Battery Case 28" Long Cable End-To-End Blue LED Power Light

The IndiPRO 9.2 Volt P-Tap Converter with 28" Cable for Panasonic GH4 from IndiPRO Tools draws power from available industry standard batteries that feature a P-Tap, and regulates the power to a constant 9.2 volts. It features a P-tap connector on one end, and a dummy battery that fits into the GH4 battery compartment on the other end. The converter regulates any input voltage within the range of 11 to 17 VDC, providing 9.2 volt output. A built-in a blue LED power indicator lights up when you have sufficient power. The entire converter, including cables is approximately 28" long end-to-end. The converter provides regulated power from sources with a voltage range of 11 to 17 volts DC. The units power output is regulated to 9.2 volts, matching the power requirements of the camera. The blue LED lights up indicating sufficient power for the Audio Interface. When the unit can no longer convert the power to 9.2 volts, the LED will go out. The P-Tap connector allows you to power your GH4 from readily available, but not included, brick style batteries.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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