Wooden Camera Gold Mount Battery Plate with D-Tap Port and LEMO for ARRI Alexa Mini / Amira (16")

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Wooden Camera Gold Mount Battery
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Product Overview


Wooden Camera brand Gold Mount utilizing an utilizing authentic Anton Bauer plate and ARRI Alexa Mini LEMO connector. This plate is also compatible with the ARRI Amira.

16" cable exits the right side of the plate allowing easy insertion into the camera.

Custom lengths available up to 24" at the standard price. Additional lengths available as needed. Send us an email with your requirements:

1x D-Tap port for accessory power.

Mounting Options:

To mount the WC Gold Mount onto the Alexa Mini, we recommend the below combination:

Quick Cage (Alexa Mini + LW) - cage that surrounds the camera and provides standard mounting points

Battery Slide - an adjustable battery mounting plate that attaches a V-Mount or Gold Mount plate to Quick Cage (Alexa Mini)

For an adjustable mount system attached to rods, use the Battery Slide or Recorder Slidepaired with the appropriate Rod Clamp: Rod Clamp (15mm LW)Rod Clamp (15mm Studio), and Rod Clamp (19mm).

Weight: 227g   (0.5 lbs)
Dimensions: 143.2 x 92 x 21.9 mm   (5.6 x 3.6 x 0.9 in)



(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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