Arri MB-19 Production Mattebox 4x5.650"

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Product Overview

Lightweight production mattebox includes one filter frame 4 x5.65 horizontal and one filter frame 4 x5.65 vertical.____Horizontal filter is in front and fixed; vertical stage is rotatable. (Rear filter ring must be ordered separately)

K2.66133.0 - F4 Filter Frame Combo 4"x5,65"/4"x4"
K2.0001035 - F4 Filter Frame 4"x5.65", vertical
K5.48613.0 - French Flag Holder for MB-19
Horizontal filter is in front and fixed; vertical stage is rotatable.__

The__Arri MB-19 4 x 5.65 inch Mattebox__is a compact, lightweight production mattebox that is ideally suited for use with the Arriflex 165R3 in Super16 format.__

When mounted on the Lightweight Support LWS-3, graduated filters can be pushed through unhindered.__

Side flags with adjustable segments, used in conjuntion with the top light shield provide optimum protection against unwanted light.

Also available are sets of clip-on mattes for use with both 16mm and 35mm formats.

Using additional adapters, the MB-19 mattebox can also be mounted on the 15mm or 19mm support rods of conventional bridge plates for use with 35mm cameras as well as with the Arri 16 SR camera.

The Arri MB-19 Mattebox is supplied with:

  • Filter stage for two 4 x__5.65 inch filters fitted with a rear receptable for 138mm diameter filter rings as well as a for an additional filter stage for one 4 x 5.65 filter and one 138mm round filter.
  • A holder for secure mounting of French flags

To simplify lens changing, the mattebox swings out.__ For quick adaption to different lens lengths, the mattebox can be moved back and forth with a lockable adjustment knob.

To be sure you get the appropriate ring(s) and accessories to connect the MB-20 to your camera/lens system, please give us a call.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review