Bright Tangerine KASBAH System Single Handle Kit

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Designed for all day comfort, the Bright Tangerine KASBAH System Single Handle Kit conforms perfectly to your hand for optimal cushioning & pressure relief. Mounting to an ARRI standard rosette, it can be articulated to provide a wide range of positions.

Next Level Comfort and Airflow

The hand grip has been created using Digital Light Synthesis (DLS), a process pioneered by Carbon that uses oxygen-permeable optics & programmable liquid resins to form a unique matrix structure with an infinite number of density zones. This also creates a textured surface which improves the grip & feel of the handle.

The upper flange has been extended to allow the setup to rest on the operator’s hand, encouraging a relaxed grip reducing tension in the body. In hot environments, the open structure allows air to naturally flow through the grip, wicking away sweat for a firm grip. 

Made for long days on set, operators will experience a new level of comfort & freedom to move. Extremely durable & sturdy, capable of being used in any extreme conditions. The grip is easy to clean with water and UV resistant.

Acessory Mounting

The arms feature 3x 3/8" anti-twist & 5x 1/4" threaded points which can be used to mount articulating arms for monitors and other accessories.

Precision Milled, Not Stamped

Each rosette has been CNC precision cut from high-grade stainless steel. Compared to stamped rosettes, ours offer higher engagement & maximum compatibility that won't slip.


  • Variable density zones using KASBAH for optimal cushioning & pressure relief on the palm & fingers
  • Open structure for air flow & allows for heat dissipation & evaporation of sweat
  • Upper flange encourages a relaxed grip and reduces tension
  • Wide range of articulation to suit various handheld looks
  • 3/8" Anti-twist & 1/4" threads for mounting accessories
  • Milled rosettes offers positive engagement using ARRI standard for maximum compatibility
  • Glove-friendly knobs for easy adjustments in fast paced settings
  • Precision cut from high-grade aluminium & stainless steel


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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