Bright Tangerine Advanced Kit for Sony Venice 1 & 2

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Product Overview


Add the Sony VENICE 2 Advanced Kit for rapid changes on set with interchangeable dovetails & a detachable baseplate. Easily rig the camera for handheld, gimbal and more.

Each advanced kit comes with the sliding top plate, side plates, split riser 15mm LWS basepalte, D-style top handle, Axl EVF mount, a pair of 4" & 12" Drumstix 15mm rods and the ARRI BP-8/BP-9 dovetail adapter.

The LeftField System for the Sony VENICE 2 has been built to reliably deliver time after time. The cage provides an extremely rigid frame for rigging with helicoil reinforced mounting points, rosettes for handles & 15mm rod support for EVFs and focus motors.

Time on set is critical, each part of the system has been designed to allow ACs and operators to move faster with quick release dovetails which can be preconfigured during prep.

Multiple safety mechanisms have been integrated removing any chance of failure & accidents on set.

What's Inlcuded

Each Advanced Kit comes with the Sliding Top Plate, Side Plates, Split Riser 15mm LWS Baseplate, D-Style Top Handle, Axl EVF mount (DVF-EL200), 4" & 12" Drumstix 15mm rod pairs & the ARRI BP-8/BP-9 Dovetail adapter.

The kit is also compatible with the KASBAH shoulder support system with a range of hand grip options and shoulder pad for all-day comfort.

Zero Compromises

Every part of the LeftField System is machined from single aluminium-alloy billets to create extremely rigid and light weight components. All of which play perfectly to the strengths of the Sony VENICE 2.

Absolutely no compromise has been made in our manufacturing process. Our engineering is focused on creating products that are both high-performance and enabled with a longer life of service. Combine that with unparalleled level of Bright Tangerine support, and your LeftField Sony VENICE 2 System becomes the most reliable and hard-working partnership that any filmmaker could wish for.


  • Completely rigid cage for rigging with detachable baseplate for low profile setups on gimbal/steadicam.
  • Multiple safety mechanisms for increased reliability on set
  • Patented Open•UP quick-release to snap on/off any ARRI standard dovetail
  • Top & bottom 15mm LWS rod mount, ARRI rosettes, 1/4" & 3/8" threaded points for accessory mounting.
  • DVF-EL200 ready with Axl EVF mount with 3-axis locking knob for fast adjustments.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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