Bright Tangerine 15mm LWS Support Kit (100-114mm)

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Add 15mm LWS rod support to 100, 104, 110 & 114mm Frame Safe Clamp Adapter for the Misfit Kick or ARRI LMB matte box with the Bright Tangerine 15mm LWS Support Kit (100-114mm). The 15mm LWS Support Bracket can be used to add rod support to any Frame Safe clamp adapter. When using the 134, 136 or 143mm Frame Safe clamp adapters, the bracket attaches directly onto the bottom for support. This kit includes extension adapters when using Frame Safe clamp adapters with a smaller diameter. The bracket has a single lever to lock the rod clamp on both sides, removing the need for a second lever. The 15mm LWS Support Bracket is also compatible with the ARRI LMB range when using the K2.0014168 Clamp Adapter 143mm.

  • Adds 15mm LWS rod support for Misfit Kick when using 100, 104 110 & 114mm clamp adapters
  • Includes extension for 100-114mm clamp adapters
  • Includes 15mm LWS Support Bracket


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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