BLUESHAPE Granite Mini 95Wh 3-Stud Lithium-Ion Camera Battery (6.3Ah)

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The Granite Mini 3-Stud Lithium-Ion Camera Battery from BLUESHAPE is a 95Wh battery with a 6.3Ah capacity and nominal voltage capacity of 92Wh. It is designed to be used with cameras and apparatus equipped with a 3-stud gold mount type. This battery features 2.4 GHz 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi connectivity through a free App available for iOS and Android, called "GRANITE Link".

It has a 5-LED gauge for accurate capacity display integrated with battery safety, balancing, and monitoring technology. Two power outlets through D-Tap sockets are located on the battery sides, protected by rubber covers. Both outlets are directly connected to the battery terminals for maximum power on the D-Tap ports, and can also be used for charging using AC-DC D-Tap style chargers (available separately). This battery can be used to power devices working at a nominal voltage of 14.4V, or even USB powered gadgets and chargers through a PT-USB adapter (available separately).

  • Remotely check the state of charge and the remaining runtime updated in real time based on the actual load conditions
  • All batteries connect to the same Wi-Fi network so that one or more smartphones with the App installed can connect and receive data from all the batteries at the same time
  • Avoid unauthorized use of your battery packs by locking them when not in use
  • LED gauge and push button for capacity check
  • Rubberized colored gasket for shock absorption and water resistance improvement
  • High-endurance rubber caps for protection of the D-Tap sockets when not in use
  • 3-stud mount fittings
  • Contact block can withstand high current draws up to 12A
  • Robust thick-walled housing made of plastic for impact resistance
  • 10.8 to 16.8V operating voltage range
  • Can withstand several drops from heights up to 6.6' without suffering internal and external critical damages
  • IP54-rated for protection and safety of operations against dust and water


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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