HRC Newsletter Volume 02

Posted by Major Latimer on Nov 1st 2020

HRC Newsletter Volume 02

Dear Friends,

Welcome, to Volume 2 of the HRC Newsletter.

As a reminder we promise not to overdo it. No spam coming from us to your inbox. We hope it will be a fun forum to share, inform and keep up our collective knowledge and skills sharp during this time.

Please let us know if you have feedback or would like to contribute something to the newsletter.

Let's get right into it shall we!

BTS Breakdown

Adam Lisagor, Founder of, was featured on the Cinematography Podcast and gives a BTS Breakdown for his "How to Vote" video.

"As a company we are known for explaining technology - And I started thinking... Wow, Democracy is kind of like a tech platform. And sometimes it works well and sometimes it doesn't work well. But a lot of that is about usability."

He and his team shot the video with a small crew and limited resources but were able to pull off this passion project that would help as a nudge to his fellow Voters as to why it feels good and why it is important.

"The voting process can be a bit mystifying, so wouldn't it be fun if my company made a video, pro-bono, PSA kind of thing to sort of explain the technology of voting in a friendly and charming way."

We think they accomplished just that. Check out the Breakdown video below. And remember, Vote! Because yes, your vote does count!

The short film “No Somos De Aquí, Ni Somos De Allá?” was recently released on Vimeo. Artistically shot by long-time Hot Rod Cameras client Steve McCord, the movie encapsulates several personal experiences of being Mexican-American.

Because of the very artistic style, it’s somewhat subjective if it’s a short "art” film, a documentary, a commentary, or maybe something that falls between or defies traditional classifications.

Steve McCord was gracious enough to do a brief Q&A with Hot Rod about the production.

With so many new cameras having been announced this summer it is important to remember a camera sensor is only as good as the glass it is paired with.

#TeamHRC wanted to shine some light down the barrel of new and unique offerings in the category of lenses.

In our Canon C70 First Look video, we highlighted how the first Canon Cinema to have an RF mount gives it the advantage to be paired with a plethora of lens formats and flavors. And with the new Hot Rod Cameras, RF to PL mount adapter the options are pretty endless.

Check out below a short list of some quality options available to demo, some exclusively, at the HRC Shop.

Itrix, 45mm T1.5

Spirit Lab, 50mm T1.3

Meike 50mm T2.1

And coming soon for purchase and In-Shop demos, are the new  DZO Vespid Prime Lens set. These primes will be joining the already popular DZO Zoom Cinema lenses, as available options for professionals. If you would like to be notified when the new primes are available, email the HRC team at

Stay tuned to our  YoutubeFacebook and Instagram pages for more lens previews and demo opportunities that will be available.

New Technology Breakdown

Click below to check out our latest RED Komodo New Technology Breakdown video.

Sony A7sIII Master Class

Sony Master Class 4 Session event, starting November 18th. Click the image below to sign up for a deep dive A7sIII training.

Hope You're All Well

Thank you for checking out the newsletter. As a reminder the shop in Burbank, CA is open M-F, 9am-5:30pm by appointment and with limited number of people allowed in the shop at one time. Give us a call and come on by.

Stay safe. And together, we will get through this.

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