Block Battery D800 800Wh Dual-Voltage NiMH Block Battery

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35.00 LBS

Product Overview


  • 14.4/24V 800Wh NiMH Battery Station
  • Simultaneous Dual-Voltage Output
  • 2 x 3-Pin and 2 x 4-Pin XLR Outputs
  • 24V Regulator Switch

Charge your camera, lights, or other production equipment with the Block Battery D800 800Wh Dual-Voltage NiMH Block Battery. The D800 is an 800Wh capacity NiMH battery that provides two 14.4V 4-pin and two 24V 3-pin XLR outputs to fit your various equipment needs.

The two regulated 24V 3-pin XLR outputs are activated with a rocker switch and provide a 20Ah output, and a green light indicates when they are active. The two 4-pin XLR outputs provide 10 to 17V, 40Ah of power output at a nominal 14.4V. The unit also features standard replaceable fuses, 10A for the 24V XLR side and 15A for the 14.4V XLR side.

The D800 also features four cooling fans that automatically kick in when the battery is being charged. It has an LCD screen, toggled by a status button, for viewing your output current and battery capacity status. The D800 can only be charged using the BlockBattery EFC-2 or 2F1 charger, and it takes approximately five and a half hours to fully charge from an empty state.


  • Dual-voltage 14.4/24V 800Wh NiMH battery station with simultaneous output
  • Two 3-pin regulated 24V and two 4-pin 14.4V XLR outputs; the 24V regulator switch enables the 24V outputs
  • Monitor power stats with LCD screen
  • Charges on BlockBattery EFC-2 or 2F1 chargers only; 5.5-hour charge from empty to full
  • 10 and 15A replaceable standard fuses
  • Cooling fans enabled automatically when charging


Battery Capacity 800 Wh
Battery Chemistry NiMH
Output Voltage 24 and 14.4 VDC, Simultaneous Dual-Voltage
24 V Toggle Switch
Output Ports 2 x 3-Pin XLR (24 V)
2 x 4-Pin XLR (14.4 V)
LCD Screen Yes
Cooling Design 4 x Fans Auto-On when Charging
Fuse Protection 1 x 10 A Fuse, Replaceable
1 x 15 A Fuse, Replaceable
Compatible Chargers BlockBattery EFC-2 or 2F1
Storage Temperature 41° to 77°F / 5° to 25°C
Dimensions 13.5 x 13 x 5.3" / 34.2 x 33 x 13.4 cm
Weight 35 lb / 15.9 kg


(No reviews yet) Write a Review