Betty Lights Eddy 1" Edison Screw Light Socket with 2.5" Magnetic Base, Black Logo

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The Betty “Eddy”

The Betty Lights Eddy 1" Edison Screw Light Socket with 2.5" Magnetic Base, Black Logo is a medium 1” Edison screw light socket on top of a 4” Baby Pin. It’s a simple but powerful piece of grip equipment that allows secure holding of any battery powered E26/E27 thread bulb, like the Aputure B7c.

The Betty Eddy uses the Betty Baby Pin and crafted from solid aircraft aluminum, anodized with a flat black finish and made to the industry standard 5/8" diameter means in works in all baby receivers, stands and gobo heads. Unlike most baby pins, Betty's includes (3x) ¼”-20 threaded holes which allow for mounting or attaching the pin either horizontally or vertically.

The optional 2.5” magnetic base, features 8 powerful rubber coated magnets which makes for safe mounting of the Eddy in any position including inverted, even when only making partial contact with the base. The horizontal threaded holes allow for attaching of an eye bolt for a safety chain or carabiner.

The Betty Eddy is the fastest way to deploy and mount multiple bulbs around a set as accent lights, key or fill and of course as a soft handheld torch, which makes an ideal Hollywood fill and a perfect eye-light.

The Betty Eddy also is a great and simple way to mount a light near a computer or laptop, which is the easiest way to add a flattering light for all teleconferences/zoom meetings.

Manufactured by Betty Lights in the USA and available exclusively through Hot Rod Cameras!



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