ARRI Signature Prime 125mm T1.8 Lens (Feet)

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Product Overview


The ARRI Signature Prime 125mm T1.8 Lens (Feet) covers all image sensors up to and including full-frame, large-format. This longer lens is one of 16 primes featuring organic images, attractive bokeh, subtle flaring, and a fast maximum aperture for achieving shallow depth of field. This prime lens gently softens the large-format look and produces pleasant, natural skin tones and crisp blacks. Focus falls off smoothly, highlighting your subject against its background frame.

Stockings, nets, and voile can be used to create custom diffusion and other effects when mounted in the Signature Prime's magnetic rear net holder. Eleven iris blades produce smooth, rounded bokeh effects, and a telecentric design minimizes breathing. The integrated LDS-2 lens data system is backwards-compatible with ARRI's LDS-1 and communicates with Cooke's /i Technology.

Constructed with magnesium housings and aluminum gear rings, each Signature Prime is lightweight, water-resistant, and features focus marks in feet. Anti-reflective coatings, light baffles, and light traps help to minimize any internal barrel flare. Should a stunt go awry, or your camera rig be otherwise damaged, the lens mechanics are designed for easier access at an ARRI service center. The 125mm ARRI Signature Prime focuses down to 39" from the lens front, and features a relatively light weight of 5.1 pounds, and a compact length of 7".

Large Format Coverage

  • These open standard, camera-independent lenses cover all image sensors up to full-frame, large-format with image circles up to 46mm
  • Smooth focus fall-off and a fast, maximum T1.8 aperture for shallow depth of field

Rear Filter Holder for Customized Looks

  • Create customized looks across the range of Signature Primes and Zooms using the magnetic rear filter holder
  • Quickly add nets, voile, and other materials for select scenes or for your entire shoot


The LPL mount transfers lens data via LDS-2, and is compatible with ARRI LDS-1, and Cooke /i Technology

Fast T1.8 Aperture

Part of Extensive Series

One of 16 focal lengths ranging from 12 to 280mm

Signature Prime Look

  • Each lens in the series creates the warm skin tones, crisp blacks, and soft flares of the Signature Prime look
  • Minimal chromatic aberration for easier keying in F/X work

Smooth Bokeh

An 11-blade iris produces smooth, soft, round bokeh

Minimized Internal Flare

Anti-reflective coatings, light baffles, and light traps minimize internal flare

Lighter Weight & Durable Build

  • Lightweight, compact form factor with magnesium and aluminum construction
  • Designed for easier mechanical service

Common Front Diameter

114mm front diameter across most lenses in the available set


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