ARRI LPL Lens Mount for ALEXA Mini / AMIRA

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Product Overview

The ARRI LPL Lens Mount enables you to attach an LPL-mount lens to an ARRI ALEXA Mini or AMIRA camera. Compatible with the ARRI large-format Signature Primes and future LPL-mount lenses, this mount transmits ARRI LDS-1, LDS-2, and Cooke /i Technology lens data from compatible lenses.

The LPL lens mount features a wider diameter and requires a shorter flange focal depth than the original PL mount. Three blue levers on the LPL mount distinguish it visually from a standard PL mount.

Note: The LBUS connector on this LPL mount will not work on an AMIRA camera.

Compatible Cameras

  • ALEXA Mini


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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