ARRI Flexible LMB Sunshade Side Flag Holders Set

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ARRI PCA presents a new sunshade for the LMB 4x5. It is an alternative to the existing sunshade for the LMB 4x5 out of plastic.

The flexible sunshade consists out of two parts: The rubber sunshade itself and a aluminum frame with four screws to fix the system to the LMB 4x5 instead of the “standard” sunshade.

The rubber part can be detached in seconds without using any tools. The dimensions of the Flexible Sunshade are exactly the same as those of the plastic sunshade so the same hard mattes from the LMB 4x5 (spherical and anamorphic) can be used.

The new LMB side flag holders, which are an alternative to the existing small ones used with the LMB 4x5, offer more real estate at the top and the bottom. Filter tags, which are quite often attached to the sunshade, will not stick to rubber but perfectly to the extended space on the new LMB side flag holders.

Note: The Flexible Sunshade and the Side Flag Holders will not be part of any LMB 4x5 Set and have to be ordered separately. There is no LMB 4x5 basic module with rubber sunshade and the new LMB side flag holders included.

Advantages of a rubber sunshade:

  • Doesn't break as fast as sunshades made out of plastic
  • Less damage to talents and gear when accidentally hitting
  • Can be removed quickly without tools


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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