ARRI ERM-900 External Radio Module 2.4GHz RXD-TXD Set

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1.50 LBS

Product Overview


The ARRI External Radio Module 900 for Stabilized Remote Head SRH-3 allows for increased range and reliability in wireless communication at a greater distance.

By connecting the external radio modules via cable to the SRH-3 remote control panel and the stabilized head, the modules will be powered and configured after an initial configuration automatically into transmitter and receiver mode.

Once the ERM transmitter module is mounted to a mast or a higher stand (2 to 5m / 6 to 16ft), a range of up to 3000 meter/9842 feet can be achieved. This high range is ensured by so-called channel hopping.


  • 2x ERM 900 MGz External Radio Modules
  • 2x SRH-3 FS CAN Bus Cable, 1m/3.2ft
  • 1x ERM Powere Cable, ERM-900


(No reviews yet) Write a Review