ARRI Codex Compact Drive Set 12 x 1TB

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Product Overview


  • For ALEXA Mini LF and ALEXA 35 Cameras
  • Set of 12 x 1TB Drives
  • ARRIRAW and ProRes Recording
  • Tough, Industrial-Style SSD
  • Sustained Write Rate up to 8 Gb/s
  • Compact, Durable Design
  • No Driver or License Required
  • Efficient Cooling

Save on the cost of individual drives with the economical Codex Compact Drive Set 12 x 1TB from ARRI. This kit bundles 12 compact, durable SSDs for recording with your ALEXA Mini LF or ALEXA 35 camera. Each drive's full 1TB capacity is available for recording both ARRIRAW and ProRes without needing to reformat or switch drives.

Each compact drive works without a driver or license and features a sustained write speed of up to 8 Gb/s. Using a Compact Drive Adapter allows you to mount the drives on an existing SXR Capture Drive Dock (Mac only) or any other SXR Capture Drive hardware from Codex.

*NOTE*: A drive firmware update may be needed before using the Compact Drive in your ALEXA Mini LF or ALEXA 35 camera.

File Access

  • ARRI cameras use the ARRI UDF file system to store the original camera files on a CODEX Compact Drive. ARRI UDF can be accessed freely with standard operating system software without needing additional software.
  • CODEX Compact Drives can be accessed with the versatile Compact Drive Reader (USB-C), the high-speed Compact Drive Dock (Thunderbolt 3), or an existing SXR Capture Drive Dock or a CODEX Vault that has been upgraded to accept the new drives with a cost-effective Compact Drive Adapter.

High-Density Encoding

  • Supported by major studios and many standard post-production applications, the lossless CODEX HDE (High-Density Encoding) standard reduces ARRIRAW files by about 40%.
  • After decoding, HDE files result in a bit-for-bit match to the original file, saving you time and storage requirements.
  • Use the free, downloadable CODEX Device Manager software to encode ARRIRAW data from ALEXA series cameras prior to the ALEXA 35 (Mac only).
  • Download the ARRIRAW HDE Transcoder software to encode ALEXA 35 ARRIRAW data to HDE MFX clips (macOS, Windows, and CentOS 6).

ARRI Codex Compact Drive Specs

Storage Capacity 1 TB
Interface PCIe (Unspecified Type)
Maximum Write Speed 1000 MB/s


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