ARRI Basic Set for Sony FS7II and FX9

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Although the existing FS7 accessories are compatible with the new Sony FX9, ARRI has decided to offer a new and improved Basic Set for Sony that features more stability, sturdiness, and additional support for E-Mount to PL adapters. These new accessories can also be used for the FS7 and FS7II.

Two-piece Top Plate

Three different options for a top support

  1. Both Parts together: "Normal top plate with a variety of different accessory mounting options
  2. Outer U-shaped part only: To use the original FS7II/FS9 handle
  3. Inner part only: Smallest and most lightweight option

Plate for Sony FS7II/FX9

Three additional screws which are connecting the plate to the camera body eliminate any flex between both parts and offer a much better sturdiness than before.

Side Brackets

Two side brackets offer more stability, additional screw-on options and protection to the camera body.

Additional support for E-Mount to PL Adapter

The additional support enables using the Vocas E to PL Mount adapter with the Lens Adapter Support LAS-1 (all other brand adapters can be used directly with the LAS-1).

Set Includes: 

  • K2.0035830 Plate for Sony FS7II/FX9
  • K2.0034691 Top Plate for Sony FS7II/FX9
  • K2.0003899 Lens Adapter Support LAS-1
  • K2.66253.0 Support Rods 240mm/9.4in, 15mm
  • K2.65264.0 15mm LWS Rod Console



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