amaran Light Dome Mini SE

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Product Overview


  • Soft, Directional Quality of Light
  • Compatible with 150c/300c Monolights
  • 1.5-Stop Front Diffuser
  • Removable Inner Baffle
  • Works with Bowens Mount Fixtures
  • Carry Bag

The amaran Light Dome Mini SE is an 8-sided modifier with a 22.8" diameter. It provides a soft, directional quality of light to maximize output by harnessing the shape of a deep parabolic softbox. It features an octagonal front design and a highly reflective interior silver lining. The dome's 1.5-stop front diffusion fabric and inner baffle soften the point-source light and allow it to fill the entire softbox more evenly.

Users will appreciate a smooth luminance transition from the output's center to its edges, which enables lighting subjects and large spaces without having to worry about hotspots. The Light Dome Mini SE has a Bowens-type speed ring that is compatible with the amaran 150c and 300c monolights, as well as many other lights that use this popular mount. A carry bag is included for storage and transport.

Highly Reflective Fabric

The Light Dome Mini SE utilizes highly-reflective material for maximum output.

Lightweight, Quick-Setup

This modifier weighs only 1.61 lb and features a quick release design for quick setup and breakdown. It collapses in seconds via release latches located near the speed ring.


Item Type Softbox (8-Sided Octagon Shape)
Interior Color Silver
Light Compatibility Built-In Speed Ring with Bowens S Mount: For Universal
Quick Open Type Collapsible
Removable Front Face Yes
Interior Baffle Yes, Removable
Light Loss/Gain 1.5-Stop Loss (with Diffuser)
Dimensions 22.8 x 13.4 x 8.5" / 57.9 x 34 x 21.6 cm (Open)
18.3 x 7.5 x 7.5" / 46.5 x 19.1 x 19.1 cm (Closed)
Weight 1.61 lb / 0.73 kg


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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