amaran Lantern Soft Light Modifier for F22 LED Mat

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The amaran Lantern Soft Light Modifier for F22 LED Mat is a lightweight omnidirectional soft light modifier for the amaran F22x and F22c flexible LED lights. Featuring a simple hook-and-loop design, the Lantern for F22 provides a soft volumetric overhead lighting solution to instantly light up large spaces when used as an ambient fill light, while allowing for fast set-ups and tear-downs.

With the included 2.5 stop diffusion cloth, the Lantern for F22 transforms the amaran F22x or F22c into a dome-shaped diffusion that softens the fixture’s light output while minimizing light loss. The directionality of the Lantern for F22 can also be altered with the included fully adjustable removable hoop-and-loop fabric light control skirt. The skirt covers all four edges of the lantern and can be rolled independently to maximize control over the fixture’s directionality and to eliminate light spill.

Featuring a lightweight construction (962g / 2.12lbs), the Lantern for F22 can simply be attached to the amaran F22x or F22c flexible light and eliminates the need to rebalance the fixture set up or the need for heavy stands and lighting grids for additional support. And with its compact size, the Lantern for F22 takes up less space compared to traditional lantern diffusers.


  • Lightweight Omnidirectional Soft Light Modifier
  • Included Removable Hoop-and-Loop Fabric Light Control Skirt with Reflective Inner Lining
  • Hook-and-Loop Quick Mounting Design
  • 2.5 Stop Diffusion Cloth
  • Lightweight Design
  • Included Carrying Bag


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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