Accsoon CineView SE Extra Receiver

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Product Overview

The Accsoon CineView SE Extra Receiver allows you to add additional receiver units to a CineView SE transmitter. Now you can expand the CineView SE via the dedicated CineView SE receiver units. You can pair up to 4 receiver units to one transmitter allowing for video transmission with nearly undetectable lag up to 1200 feet away.

Just like the latest CineView systems – the CineView SE receiver units are powered by either Sony NP-F style batteries, 7.4v-16.8v DC input, or USB-C power. These options allow the CineView SE to endure long duration shooting via either option. You can also hot-swap NP-F batteries by quickly temporarily switching to DC or USB-C power while changing them.

Adding an additional receiver to your CineView SE system is easy. Just rotate the group number on the receiver to match the group number on the transmitter, and the transmitter and receiver will automatically pair once powered on.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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