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The Venus Optics Laowa Ranger 28-75mm T2.9 Full Frame Cine Zoom Lens (ARRI PL & Canon EF) is meticulously designed to meet the demands of different production sizes from small run-and-gun filmmakers to larger production houses. The Ranger series is designed to be parfocal, ensuring precise focus control while zooming in and out. With the constant large T2.9 aperture, it can be used with dim natural light for documentary or to isolate the subject for a scene. Both 28-75mm and the 75-180mm can focus at an extremely close distances (0.49m/1'7" on 28-75mm and 0.89m/2’11" on the 75-180mm) and are well-controlled with almost no focus breathing. Creating your cinematic masterpieces has never been easier. Apart from its professional optic design and cine housing, these lenses provide a quick back focus adjustment mechanism, which saves you tons of time on the hideous shimming process.

Key Features

  • Light and compact
  • Long and versatile zoom range
  • Constant T2.9 aperture
  • Extremely close focus distance
  • Parfocal design
  • Well-controlled with almost no focus breathing
  • Exceptional image quality
  • Quick back focus adjustment mechanism
  • Interchangeable PL/ EF mount
  • Additional mirrorless mounts available (E/ RF/ Z/ L)

Light and Compact

The Ranger redefines convenience and mobility with mere 1.4kg/3.08 lbs. The lightweight and compact design make them the perfect companions for various shooting setups. From gimbals, shoulder rigs, car rigs, and even handheld operations. Filmmakers can now enjoy high flexibility in shooting for all types of production.

Long and Versatile Zoom Range

The lenses come with a popular and versatile zoom range from 28 to 180mm with more than a 6.4x zoom ratio in total. Saving filmmakers time for changing lenses and setup. Perfect for projects with a tight schedule and wanting to have the flexibility in having multiple framing options. Using the 28mm for breathtaking establishing shots, a more standard 35-50mm tighter framing for a medium close-up, using the 180mm for a subject that's far away, or making use of the zoom capability to do a dolly zoom. Filmmakers can explore much more possibilities in framing without the trouble of switching to different lenses. Apart from the 28-75mm and 75-180mm currently launching, there will be a 16-30mm adding to the series soon. Making the set more complete.

Constant T2.9 Aperture

Featuring a constant T2.9 aperture, the Ranger delivers consistent exposure throughout the zoom range. And the large aperture allows you to operate easier in a dim environment. Or filmmakers can make use of this to sperate the subject from the background.

An Extremely Close Focusing Distance

Even they are zoom lenses, the Ranger displayed a remarkably short focusing distance. It is only 1’7” for 28-75mm and 2’11” for 75-180mm. All the amazing details of any subject can be captured with ease and add an aesthetic tone to your shot.

Parafocal Design

The Ranger maintains precise focus with their excellent parfocal design. The subject would stay sharp and in focus even zooming in or out.

Well-Controlled with Almost No Focus Breathing

The virtually invisible focus breathing ensures a smooth focus transition and maintains the frame of your shots. Filmmakers can deliver the story without any visual disturbances.

Exceptional Image Quality

With their high optical performance, the Ranger lenses deliver exceptional image quality and natural color rendering. Whether you're shooting wide open or at a close focus, these lenses maintain sharp, contrast, and accurate color reproduction, allowing you to capture stunning visuals every time.

Back Focus Adjustment

The lenses come with a quick back focus adjustment mechanism. There would be no more redundant shimming process.

Interchangeable PL/EF Mount

The lenses come with a native PL mount and an interchangeable EF bayonet. Moreover, additional mirrorless mounts (can be purchased separately) such as RF/E/Z/L for filmmakers with mirrorless systems.

Professional Cine Housing

The compact lenses are designed to fit a professional production setup. They both come with 0.8 mod gears, threads for mounting lens support and other utilities. Dual scales with Feet and Meters are both displayed on the lenses. Both the 28-75mm and 75-180mm have a 77mm filter thread and 80mm outer diameter. Filmmakers can choose from using screw-in filters or a matte box.


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