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The Venus Optics Laowa Nanomorph 80mm T2.4 1.5X S35 Cine Lens is designed with versatility in mind. This compact and reliable telephoto focal lengths bring a new level of creative possibilities to both existing Nanomorph users and newcomers alike. With a constant 1.5X squeeze ratio & 3 different flare color options, these lenses are an absolute must-have for capturing stunning anamorphic imagery.


  • Extremely Compact Design
  • Patented Anamorphic Design
  • 1.5X Constant Squeeze Ratio
  • Telephoto Compression
  • Cinematic Flare with Amber/Blue/Silver Colour Options
  • Organic & Smooth Oval Bokeh
  • Short Closest Focusing Distance of 70cm
  • Support 9 Multiple Mounts
  • Professional Cine Housing
  • Support 2X Anamorphic with 1.33X Front Anamorphic Adapter

Extremely Compact Design

The Nanomorph 65mm and 80mm lenses stand out as the most compact and lightweight options in their class, measuring 5.2 inches and weighing less than 1.57lbs/710g. These lenses are specifically designed to cater to run-and-gun shooting scenarios and one-man operations, effectively reducing the overall equipment weight.

1.5X Constant Squeeze Ratio

Laowa Nanomorph 65mm & 80mm also ensures a consistent 1.5X squeeze ratio regardless of the focusing distance due to the unique anamorphic design.

Telephoto Compression

To enhance the versatility of our lens series and provide cinematographers with the ability to capture captivating close-up shots, we are now adding the 65mm and 80mm lenses. These telephoto focal lengths offer significant advantages for close-up photography, allowing for enhanced depth of field and stunning bokeh effects.

Cinematic Amber/Blue/Silver Flare

The Nanomorph lens is available in amber, blue, and silver options. The blue flare is great for creating a sci-fi or vintage look, while the amber and silver options offer warmer and more neutral flares respectively. With the silver flare option, the flare color can be adjusted according to the color of the light source, making it a versatile and popular artistic choice for filmmakers.

Mesmerizing Oval Bokeh with Dreamy DOF

The oval bokeh effect produced by anamorphic lenses is a highly sought-after feature in the world of cinema. The 65mm and 80mm Nanomorph can produce an even more flattering bokeh effect than 1.33X anamorphic lenses. The focus roll-off is organic and it creates a cinematic look that filmmakers have long desired.

Short Closest Focusing Distance of 70cm

Nanomorph 65mm and 80mm focal lengths have a 2'3"/ 70cm close focusing distance, which enable filmmakers to capture close-up shots easily while presenting a sharp imagery. With the large aperture of T2.4, it can create a shallower depth of field and accentuate the organic and oval bokeh effect.

Support 2X Anamorphics with 1.33X Adapter

Nanomorph 65&80mm are compatible with 1.33X Front Anamorphic Adapter to convert from a 1.5X squeeze ratio into a 2X one.

Compatibility List of Nanomorph Lenses (Including Suitable Step-Up Ring)

  • Full-frame: 65mm & 80mm
  • S35: 50mm*, 65mm & 80mm
  • M43: 27mm

* No need to install step-up ring on PL version


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