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The Spotlight Max is a Bowens Mount projection lens modifier designed to bring an advanced degree of control to high-output Bowens Mount point-source fixtures from the LS 600d Pro and LS 1200d Pro to the Aputure 1500c Pro and 2600x Pro, transforming them into a powerful spotlight with a further reach and even, shapeable output.

Available in 19 degree, 36 degree, and 50 degree lens options, the Spotlight Max covers a wide range of light projection needs on set. Whether creating a more focused, tighter beam with the 19 degree lens or using the 50 degree lens for illuminating wider areas, the Spotlight Max's interchangeable lenses can adapt to the scene for the required light shaping control.

With its precision optical design, the Spotlight Max efficiently concentrates and blends light into a focused, even beam, achieving a 60% increase in brightness from the Spotlight Mount. Featuring advanced telecentric lens technology, the Spotlight Max produces an illumination circle with even edge-to-edge light distribution and minimal edge fringing.

Built with internal shutters, you can easily shape the beam for sharp cuts and precision lighting control. For further light manipulation, the optional dual-layer Spotlight Max Iris can quickly hone the shape and size of the Spotlight Max’s illumination circle without needing to swap projection lenses.

The Spotlight Max also features a Rotatable Gobo Holder compatible with the included A-size and B-Size steel or glass gobos to enhance any lighting design.

To maximize its compatibility and give users more options, the Spotlight Max is compatible with ETC projection lenses using the optional Spotlight Max ETC Lens Adapter. This allows it to be paired with lenses of all sizes and beam angles, and for better balance and ergonomic operation, the Spotlight Max is also designed with a detachable yoke.


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