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$199.00 Pre-Order Deposit

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The Venus Optics Laowa 24mm T14 2X Periprobe Cine Lens (PL Mount) is a full-frame powerhouse inherits most of the renowned Laowa Probe lens characteristics but with a twist. It now comes with a 90° periscope-like front tip for creating formerly impossible shots and makes setups more flexible. The lens is also able to do 360° helix rotation to create one-of-a-kind motions. Furthermore, it has a 1/4" thread at the front for attaching accessories such as extra lighting or magic arms. It comes with Arri PL, Canon EF, Canon R, Nikon F, Nikon Z, Sony E and L mount.


  • 360° rotation
  • 0° & 90° interchangeable lens front
  • Extra threaded tip (1/4)
  • Bug-eye perspective
  • 2x magnification
  • Deep depth of field
  • Long & tubular lens barrel
  • Waterproof barrel

More Usage

Periprobe is a very functional tool that frees your creativity. It is not barely poking into the water or sliding in and sliding out. There are a lot more usages that you can explore with this lens.


Users can hold up or down the camera with the periprobe to create a periscope perspective. It is useful when you shoot something unreachable like the tree hole at 7’ tall or the crab hiding in an underwater cave. It also makes your set-ups easier since you do not need a big tank and a waterproof housing for the shots.

Stay Close to the Ground

It is difficult for photographers to film closely to the ground as there are always restrictions in set-ups, like the cameras and the lens itself are always obstacles. Some users would dig a hole in the ground for the cameras or need a more complicated pre-shoot set-ups. With Periprobe, you could simply stick the lens tip to the ground.

Face Up and Face Down

With 2x magnification, 85° wide AoV and close working distance, users could create a special close up face up and face down shot that other lenses cannot do.

45 Degree Tilt-Up

Tilting up is never a rare perspective you can see in galleries. However, shooting something very small and close to the ground is nearly impossible without a Periprobe as the camera is always a big hindrance. Users can now capture from a looking up bug-eye perspective.

Travel Through Tight Space

It is nearly impossible to travel between objects that are close to each other unless you make a complicated mechanism with programs to move the objects back and forward to prevent collision. It is very time consuming and a pain for videographers to have these pre-shoot preparations. With Periprobe, you could simply travel through the tight space by rigging the cameras on sliders and tripods.

Spinning Shots

Users could unrelease the orientation ring to spin the lens along the axis which could create special movements

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