$199 Pre-Order Deposit for DZOFilm PAVO 100mm T2.1 2x Anamorphic Prime Lens (Blue Coating, PL/EF Mount, Feet)

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DZO-PA10021PLIB - Preorder
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$199.00 Pre-Order Deposit

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The DZOFilm PAVO 100mm T2.1 2x Anamorphic Prime Lens (Blue Coating, PL/EF Mount, Feet) achieves a genuine anamorphic look that immerses viewers in a visually spectacular world, while maintaining a harmonious and unified visual style across the entire series, making it the ideal choice for professional film production.

The PAVO captures stunning imagery even in low-light shooting scenarios with a T2.1 aperture (28mm to 75mm) and T2.4 at 100mm. It's 14–16 blades of round iris create captivating oval-shaped bokeh and a mesmerizing 'waterfall' background blur, delivering a dreamlike aesthetic.

The lens can focus at a very close range, circumventing limitations often experienced with certain anamorphic lenses, and its low-distortion barrel design retains all the desirable attributes of anamorphic shooting without sacrificing image quality. The PAVO’s PL mount can quickly be switched to an EF mount using the included EF bayonet. Focus marks are defined in feet, and the compact size and lightweight design of the lens make it an ideal option for cameras mounted on drones, mechanical and electronic stabilizers, and in handheld situations where keeping weight to a minimum is critical.


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