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The DJI Wireless Video Receiver from the established DJI aerial video transmission technology, delivering an integrated solution that combines a video receiver, monitor, controller, and recorder. It is designed for native integration with Ronin-series products and DJI Master Wheels, transforming the industry with a groundbreaking transmission experience that provides vision beyond boundaries.


Receive high-definition video from over 3 miles (line-of-sight) away from your DJI video transmitter with this Wireless Video Receiver from DJI. The receiver pairs with a separately available transmitter and transmits up to 1080p60 video using the highly efficient O3 Pro transmission technology via Wi-Fi 2.4 and 5 GHz frequencies. The receiver also supports talkback/voice calling between ends using the USB-C ports and optional mics.


The receiver supports automatic frequency hopping to find the strongest signal, and it operates using AES 256 encryption to protect your video from prying eyes. It allows you to simultaneously receive alongside other receivers such as the High-Bright Remote Monitor, and the separately available transmitter can transmit to unlimited receivers in broadcast mode with a slightly lower performance. The receiver can be powered via an optional L-series battery, an optional WB37 battery, or its DC power input.


Long-Distance HD Live Feed


The DJI Transmission receiver incorporates O3 Pro video transmission technology, which offers an incredible 20,000' on-ground transmission distance. It also supports transmission at 1080p60 with a max bitrate of 50 Mb/s as well as live audio monitoring at 16-bit 48 kHz, providing crews on large sets an excellent remote visual and audio monitoring experience.


Voice Call Function


After linking it with the DJI Video Transmitter in Control mode, set the USB-C function on both the transmitter and receiver to Voice Call. Connect headphones with a built-in mic to the USB-C ports on the transmitter and receiver to enable voice calls.


End-to-End Ultralow Latency


The video receiver uses the same chip solution as Ronin 4D, with every link explicitly optimized to provide end-to-end ultralow transmission latency when pairing with cinema cameras like the ARRI ALEXA Mini LF.


Transmission and Output


The DJI Video Receiver is suitable for use with third-party remote monitors and can directly output video signals through HDMI or SDI ports without extra expansion modules. Compared with the DJI High-Bright Remote Monitor, the DJI Video Receiver now supports metadata transmission and video output at fractional frame rates, meeting the professional, cinema-grade requirements of large production crews.


Seamless Auto Frequency Hopping


  • O3 Pro adds a DFS band on top of the traditional 2.4 and 5.8 GHz, offering up to 23 channel options that provide professional crews with more compliant and interference-free transmission channels.
  • DJI Transmission supports triple-band automatic frequency hopping, which automatically scans the electromagnetic environment for the best wireless channel.
  • With a built-in frequency sweeper, users can even manually select a channel to avoid interference between devices.
  • By mounting high-gain antennas, transmission capability is further boosted.


One Transmitter with Multiple Receivers for Coordinated Shooting


  • Two transmission modes are available.
  • In Control mode, DJI Transmission delivers optimal transmission performance. Monitoring can be done from two receivers at the same time, while the gimbal of Ronin 2 and RS 3 Pro and camera can be controlled remotely.
  • Broadcast mode can be enabled on top of Control mode to enable an unlimited number of receivers (transmission performance differs from Control mode).
  • On larger and more dynamic, DJI Transmission can operate with 20 or more transmitters sending signals to 20 or more devices, resulting in a smooth, coordinated experience that's difficult to get with traditional transmission setups.


Encrypted Transmission


DJI Transmission supports linking and AES 256-bit encryption to avoid leaks of confidential information. Together with DJI's self-developed chip and transmission protocol, DJI Transmission is able to ensure the security of your footage.



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