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Quasar Science



Quasar Science provides advanced technology focusing on incandescent and fluorescent light bulb replication, the retrofitting of existing lighting instruments, and large scale area lighting solutions. Their products are 95+ CRI and Flicker Free, and include both dimmer compatible and direct technologies. Designed by Studio Electrical Lighting Technicians for use everywhere.

Rather than focusing on panel-based lights, Quasar Science has put modern LED technology to use in time-tested form factors, namely the bulb and the tube. Quasar Science bulbs use standard-sized screw and pin-based systems, to work with traditional fixtures. Their tubes use standard pins, and, through a partnership with Kino, fit directly into Kino fixtures.

The result is that cinematographers and gaffers now have the ability to impliment high-CRI, extremely bright, extremely energy-efficient LED light sources, while using them with battle-tested, proven fixtures and accessories. These are exciting times.