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"When I was tasked to shoot a promo video showing off the new line of Tokina Cinema Vista Primes, the first thing I thought of is what do I like seeing in a lens test. The simple answer is potential. I want to see how a lens looks at night, outside with little lighting, and an extremely controlled situation. I took this to director Brett Wagner and he began on the story. Was a fun challenge to make it all work, but I love what he came up with. We shot Escape with the Red Epic Dragon at 5K HD with an 8:1 compression. The Freefly Systems MoVI Pro was used heavily along with the Kessler Shuttle Dolly.  

The lenses had an amazing look loaded with character. The way they flare was very controlled. By this I mean hard back lights won’t wash out your image. You have control over the flaring qualities which is a great tool to have. This combined with the soft roll off from highlights gives one a very cinematic image."
-Rob Ruscher, Cinematographer